DSLR Remote Pro for Windows
Installing, Registering and Activating DSLR Remote Pro for Windows
Main Window
Release and Preview Buttons
Reviewing and deleting images
Changing camera settings
Full screen mode
Bulb Mode and Mirror Lockup
Auto Bracketing
Grid and focus point overlays
Flashing highlight and shadow display
Screen blanking
Editing Images and Editor Setup
Displaying Images in BreezeBrowser Pro
Adding comments and IPTC data
The Image Preview Window
Auto Reconnect
Suppress Image Display
Color Management
Camera Settings
Live View Display
Power Zoom
Video Capture
Focus Stacking
Time Lapse
Photo Booth Shooting
Photo Booth Setup Wizard
Print Layout Editor
Print Compositing
Advanced Photobooth Settings
Postprocessing of Photos
Screens displayed to the user
Camera Settings
Saving Settings for Future Reference and using Profiles
Modifying Photos Before Printing
Signing or Drawing on the Prints
Touchscreen Keyboard
User Survey
Animated GIFs
Keyboard Shortcuts
Using External Buttons for Photo Booth Shooting
Additional Filters
Payment Options
In Operation
Using external flash or studio strobes with live view
Green Screen Shooting
AI Background Removal
Swapping print backgrounds
Live View Overlay
How to create PNG images using Photoshop
Video Booth Shooting
QR Codes and Contactless Operation
Secure Single Use QR Codes
File Uploader
Sharing Photos
The Configure.exe Utility
Automatic Printing of Photos
Running DSLR Remote Pro from other apps
Release History

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