Live View Overlay

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Photo Booth Mode

An optional overlay image can be displayed over the live view images in full screen photo booth mode to add fun effects such as superimposing a body builder's body with the user's head. It can also be used to create fancy borders for the live view images to give the booth a more custom feel.


The overlay image should be a PNG file with transparency information in the alpha channel. It should be in landscape orientation with an aspect ratio of 3:2 e.g. 1056x704 pixels in size. If the aspect ratio of the overlay image isn't the same as the live view images it will be stretched to fit and may appear distorted.

The overlay file should be named live_view_overlay.png and saved in the photo booth images folder.


Please note: The live view overlay image only affects the live view images displayed to the user and won't appear in the printed output. To overlay the images in the printed output create a copy of the live_view_overlay.png file called image_overlay.png and save it in the the photo booth images folder.


Overlays can also be used in conjunction with green screen shooting to provide effects such as foregrounds or overlays to mock up a magazine cover.