Event Editor

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The event editor is used to create and edit events and runs on a Windows PC. It will also run on an Apple PC running suitable Windows emulation software such as CrossOver.

Events can be transferred to iPads via Dropbox, direct from a PC or by uploading to a web site. Please see Updating Events for more information on transferring events to an iPad.


Getting Started


When the event editor is run it will load the last set of events (or the sample events from your Documents folder the first time it is run). Double click on an event to edit its settings.

To create a new set of events in a different folder select File->New event..., navigate to the folder where the events will be stored and set the filename to events.xml.

Detailed information on using the event editor provided in the following sections:


Creating Events
Editing Events
General Settings
Virtual Prop Editor
Touchscreen Editor
Photo Settings
Print Layout Editor
Slideshow GIF Settings
Burst GIF Settings
GIF Layout Editor
Sharing Settings


Creating Events


Click on "Create event..." to create an event using one of the event editor's themes. This will create all settings and screens needed for an event which can then be fined tuned by editing the screen images in Photoshop or adjusting the settings using the event editor.

Please see the section on creating events for more information.


Importing, Editing and Deleting Events


Click "Import event..." to copy an event from a different location. This is similar to cloning an existing event and will copy all the event files to the new folder and update the list of events.


Edit an event by double clicking on an event in the list or by right clicking on the event and selecting "Edit events..." or by selecting an event in the list and then clicking on the "Edit event..." button.

Please see the section on editing events for information on editing an event.


Remove an event by right clicking on the event and selecting "Remove event". Removing an event removes it from the list of events held in the events.xml file but does not delete the actual event files. An event that has been removed can be reinstated by pressing "Import event..." and selecting its event_info.xml file.


Delete an event and all its associated files by right clicking on the event and selecting "Delete event".