Multi Live View and Multi-View

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Multi Live View


Select "Multi Live View" from the "Camera" menu to display a window showing live view images from all cameras simultaneously. Please note that the live view images are downloaded from each camera in turn and so the display refresh rate for any given camera will depend on the number of cameras connected.


Anaglyph Stereo Display

If two cameras are connected the multi live view display will show a checkbox for selecting a stereo anaglyph display. When this is selected the live view images from the two cameras are combined into a single red/cyan stereo anaglyph display consisting of the red channel from the first camera and the green and blue channels from the second camera.




The multi-view option displays photos and previews from each connected camera in a grid together with a caption identifying the camera. Multi-view mode can be enabled by selecting "Multi-view mode..." from the View menu:



The text used for the caption can be set using the "Preview caption:" edit box. The text can use tokens to display additional information related to each camera e.g. {camera#} gives the camera number in the array and {id} gives the camera id either as the author "Sort cameras by author" setting in file->Preferences.


When the multi-view option is selected the preview area in the main Multi-Camera window will be divided up into a grid to give a preview area for each camera. When no preview is available the preview will be displayed as a red rectangle with the camera number. When a photo is taken with each camera a preview will be displayed in the grid. The previews can be cleared by pressing F3. The previews are also cleared when pressing the "Release" button to take photos.