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Downloader Pro is a simple but powerful utility for transferring digital images to your PC. Transfer images at the touch of a button, renaming and storing them with the filename and directory names you choose.



Step 1 Set up Downloader Pro preferences to work the way you want





Step 2  Plug in your card reader or DCF compliant camera.....  Downloader Pro starts automatically... Downloads your files automatically... and automatically opens the application you set in Preferences.



Step 3 Browse / edit your images. It's that simple!  Example (left) shows files downloaded and displayed automatically in BreezeBrowser Pro, the perfect partner for Downloader Pro!




Where to find more information


What's new in Downloader Pro v2.0?


This overview section of this help gives a quick overview of what Downloader Pro can do.


Please see the getting started section if you are new to Downloader Pro and would like help getting started.


The section on preferences gives more detailed help in setting up Downloader Pro and the section on making the most of Downloader Pro contains useful tips for more experienced users.


If you need more help please visit the support pages on our website or the BreezeBrowser forum (this covers all of our products including BreezeBrowser Pro and Downloader Pro).


Downloader Pro release notes