Payment Options

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DSLR Remote Pro v3.16 onwards supports payments using standard payment systems such as the Nayak VPOS Touch contactless credit card reader (shown below). To use this you need to run our free MDB Payment utility software and to buy the necessary hardware (a Qibixx MDB-USB Interface, PSU and cables and a suitable MDB payment system such as the Nayax VPOS Touch).


The MDB Payment utility monitors the state of the photo booth by reading the pathname of the screen being displayed and communicates with any suitable MDB payment system via the Qibixx MDB-USB interface.
MDB is a standard interface used by the vending machine industry to connect a wide range of payment systems to vending machines (or in this case a photo booth). A typical payment system for a Windows based photo booth is shown below:


For more information please see the help file for the MDB Payment Utility.
The MDB Payment Utility can be downloaded from the Downloads & Support page on our website.


Alternative Payment Systems


BKSoft in Germany have developed a photo booth cash payment system and associated hardware that works with DSLR Remote Pro. Please visit their website for more information.