Release History

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24 May 2019: version 1.0.2

Added new event creator with themes to the event editor
Added support for MP3 music files
Added support for Bluetooth
Added the ability to enter an event code when syncing events
Breeze Hub now able to select different printers using the printer id read from the event and double up 6x2 strips for printers that can only print 6x2 strips as a 6x4 page cut into two 6x2 strips
Text fields in keyboards can now be validated using a regular expression and the text can be left, center or right justified
Fixed issues with the camera on the iPad Pro 9.7"


2 April 2019: version 1.0.1

Added support for iPhone
Fixed issues with using AirPrint
Fixed issues with entering cellphone numbers which don't start with + or 0


25 March 2019: version 1.0

First public release