Automating using Shortcuts

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Breeze Booth for iPad can be automated using the iOS Shortcuts app using the breezebooth URL schema. This makes it possible to do things like create a voice activated photo booth by saying "Hey Siri, boomerang GIF" or turn the photo booth on and off at certain times or when the battery level drops below a certain level.


To automate Breeze Booth for iPad create a shortcut in the iOS Shortcuts app and set the action to "Open URLs". Set the URL to breezebooth:// followed by one or more URL parameters to activate touchscreen commands in Breeze Booth for iPad or to set the event name or event strings. Give the shortcut a suitable name (e.g. "Boomerang GIF") so that Siri can run the shortcut when you say its name e.g. "Hey Siri, boomerang GIF".



The screenshot above shows how to define a simple shortcut in the iOS Shortcuts app to start a boomerang GIF session in Breeze Booth for iPad. Please see Apple's online documentation for information on how to use the Shortcuts app to create shortcuts and automations:


The following URL parameters are available:


c - activate a touchscreen command e.g. breezebooth://?c=switchToGifAndStart

en - set the event name string e.g. breezebooth://?en=name

es1 - set event string 1 e.g. breezebooth://?es1=one

es2 - set event string 2 e.g. breezebooth://?es2=one

es3 - set event string 3 e.g. breezebooth://?es3=one

es4 - set event string 4 e.g. breezebooth://?es4=one

es5 - set event string 5 e.g. breezebooth://?es5=one

es6 - set event string 6 e.g. breezebooth://?es6=one


More than one parameter can be added to a URL by separating them by & e.g. to set the event name to Birthday and start a photo session set the URL to breezebooth://?en=Birthday&c=switchToStillsAndStart

Please note that touchscreen commands will only be activated if Breeze Booth for iPad is running an event and the touchscreen action is defined.