Breeze Booth for iPad Beta Notes

New! 12 February 2019: Breeze Booth for iPad beta build 25 now available
If you're still running an earlier build please run TestFlight on your iPad to update to the latest build.


Breeze Booth for iPad is a fully featured photo booth app for iPads running iOS 12 or later. It can capture normal photos or boomerang GIFs and supports virtual props and a selection of styles including sepia, comic and mirror styles. Photos can be shared as prints or slideshow GIFs/MP4s and boomerang GIFs can be shared as animated GIFs or MP4 movies. The interface is highly customizable giving complete control over the photo booth's appearance. Info screens can be presented to users to provide help and survey screens are available to gather information from users. Photos, GIFs and movie files can be shared directly from the iPad using the Apple Mail app. Photos can be printed directly from the iPad using AirPrint or printed from a Windows computer running Breeze Hub. More advanced emails and SMS messages are available using the Windows PC based Breeze Hub software.


Download TestFlight from the Apple App Store and run it on your iPad. If Breeze Booth for iPad does not appear in the list of apps tap on "Redeem". Select Breeze Booth for iPad and then tap on "install". When a new beta is available you should receive a notification email and can install it by running TestFlight, selecting Breeze Booth for iPad and tapping "update".
Please note: You do not need to enter a redeem code to install and run Breeze Booth for iPad. Simply select Breeze Booth for iPad in TestFlight and then tap "install" or "update" to install the latest beta version.

Running Breeze Booth for iPad for the first time

Tap on events to go to the events screen and then tap on "Update" in the top right corner to download the demo events from Breeze Systems' server. After downloading the event list tap on "< Events" to return to the events screen and you should see a list of events. Swipe right to left on an event and select "Sync" to synchronize the files on the iPad with the server. Tap on "< Events" to return to the events screen after syncing the files. Swipe right to left on the event and tap "Run" to run the event.

Files stored on the iPad

The iOS Files app can be used to view the files used by Breeze Booth for iPad and to copy events and their associated photos to an iCloud or DropBox folder. New event configurations can also be copied to Breeze Booth to iPad using the Files app.

Tap "Browse" in the Files app and then tap om "On my iPad" under "Locations" and you should see a folder named "Breeze Booth". Tap on the folder to pen it and there will be two folders: "assets" which is where the event configuration is stored and "photos" where photos, animated GIFs and MP4 movies captured by Breeze Booth are stored.

Creating your own events

The Breeze Booth Event Editor is a Windows based program which can be used to create and edit events. Please note that this is beta software and will be updated as new features are added.

Breeze Booth for iPad works in a similar way to our Windows based photo booth software. All the settings are stored in XML files and the screens are created using JPEG backgrounds with PNG overlays and animated GIF animations. Profiles are used to load settings from the XML files and provide a way of selecting different configurations. Breeze Booth for iPad can run with the iPad in landscape or portrait orientation and uses a separate profile for each orientation.

Screens should match the aspect ratio of the iPad's display (4:3). The suggested sizes are 2048x1536 pixels for landscape orientation screens and 1536x2048 for portrait orientation screens. The following screens are used by the app:

  • ready.jpg, ready_overlay.png, ready.gif: The ready screen in photo mode. Append the style (e.g. ready_normal.jpg, ready_monochrome.jpg) to the filename to provide feedback when different styles are selected. The style names are normal, monochrome, sepia, comic, filter1, filter2, filter3, filter4, filter5, filter6
  • 1.jpg, 1.png, 1.gif: Screen displayed during the countdown. Use 1.jpg for the first photo, 2.jpg for the second etc.
  • taking.jpg, taking.png, taking.gif: displayed when taking a photo
  • preview.jpg, preview.png, preview.gif: displayed when previewing each photo after it has been taken
  • processing.jpg, procesing.png, processing.gif: displayed while the print layout is being prepared
  • confirm_printing.jpg, confirm_printing.png, confirm_printing.gif: displays the print preview when the user is asked whether to accept or reject the photos
  • share.jpg, share.png, share.gif: displayed when asking the user whether to share the photos
  • share_info1.jpg, share_info2.jpg etc: one or more information screens available from the sharing screen.
  • share_slideshow.jpg, share_slideshow.png, share_slideshow.gif: displayed when asking the user whether to share photos as a slideshow GIF or MP4 movie.
  • keyboard_email_lowercase.png, keyboard_email_lowercase_pressed.png, keyboard_email_uppercase.png, keyboard_email_uppercase_pressed.png: screen images used to display the email keyboard when sharing photos or GIFs.
  • keyboard_text_lowercase.png, keyboard_text_lowercase_pressed.png, keyboard_text_uppercase.png, keyboard_text_uppercase_pressed.png: screen images used to display the text keyboard when sharing photos or GIFs
  • survey1_keyboard_lowercase.png, survey1_keyboard_lowercase_pressed.png, survey1_keyboard_uppercase.png, survey1_keyboard_uppercase_pressed.png: screen images used to display the keyboard for the first survey page when sharing photos or GIFs. Use survey2, survey3 etc. for survey pages 2, 3 etc.
  • invalid_email_address.png: screen displayed when an invalid email address has been entered.
  • invalid_phone_number.png: screen displayed when an invalid phone number has been entered.
  • standby.jpg, standby.png, standby.gif: standby screen displayed when the booth is inactive. Live view is disabled in standby mode to save power.
  • gif_ready.jpg, gif_ready_overlay.png, gif_ready.gif: The ready screen in animated GIF mode. Append the style (e.g. gif_ready_normal.jpg, gif_ready_monochrome.jpg) to the filename to provide feedback when different styles are selected.
  • gif_countdown.jpg, gif_countdown.png, gif_countdown.gif: displayed during the countdown before capturing an animated GIF
  • gif_capture.jpg, gif_capture.png, gif_capture.gif: displayed when capturing the animated GIF
  • gif_processing.jpg, gif_processing.png, gif_processing.gif: display while preparing the animated GIF for display
  • gif_playback.jpg, gif_playback.png, gif_playback.gif: playback screen displayed when the user is asked whether to accept the animated GIF
  • gif_share,jpg, gif_share.png, gif_share.gif: displayed when asking the user whether to share the animated GIF or MP4 movie
  • menu1.png, menu1_selected.png, menu2.png, menu2_selected.png: optional menu screens to allow styles (color, monochrome, sepia etc.), mirroring, virtual ptops and other options to be selected

Animated GIF options: append _loop to the filename (e.g. ready_loop.gif) to play the animated GIF in a continuous loop.
By default the GIF will be displayed in the center of the screen. The size and position of the GIF can be modified by appending modifiers enclosed in curly brackets. The h and w modifiers specify the size as a percentage of the screen width or heighta and the l, r, t, b modifiers specify the position relative to the left, right, top or height of the screen respectively. If conflicting modifiers are present (e.g. l and r) the last one will used.
Example: to place a ready.gif animated GIF which is half the width of the screen and 1/4 the way down the screen set the filename to ready_{w50%t25%}.gif (or ready_loop_{w50%t25%}.gif to play it in a continuous loop).

Copying events to the iPad

Method 1: Copy the files to a folder on iCloud or Dropbox that is visible on the iPad. Then use the Files app to copy the files to Breeze Booth for iPad's assets folder.

Method 2: Upload the files to a folder on a web server then go the to the settings screen in Breeze Booth for Ipad and edit the URL for the sync server to point to the folder on the web server. Then use the events screen in Breeze Booth for iPad to sync the events.
Important: This method can only be used with secure servers that have https e.g. It will not work with http URLs.
Sample events are available by setting the sync server to in the iPad's app settings.

Method 3: Sync via Dropbox. To do this first install the offical DropBox app on your iPad (this can be downloaded from the Apple App Store). Then select "Sign in to Dropbox" in Breeze Booth for iPad's app settings and authorize the app. This will create a "Breeze Booth for iPad" folder in your DropBox "Apps" folder. Next select the "Sync via Dropbox" option and copy the event files a folder named events. Select "Copy output to Dropbox" to copy photos and animated GIFs to Dropbox (this requires an active internet connection).

Download Breeze Booth Event Editor, the sample events and Breeze Hub

The Windows based Breeze Booth Event Editor software, sample events and a copy of Breeze Hub can be downloaded from the downloads page using the link below. After downloading run the setup program to install Breeze Booth Event Editor, the sample events and Breeze Hub on your computer.

Download Breeze Booth Event Editor and Breeze Hub frm the downloads page

Breeze Hub is Windows based software which allows photos to be automatically dowloaded to a PC where they can be automatically printed and shared by email and text (SMS messages only using your own Twilio account). Once downloaded to the PC the output from the iPad can be shared using applications such as Breeze Kiosk or displayed as a slideshow using BreezeViewer.

More detailed setup information

Additional information on setting up Breeze Booth for iPad is available here: