Multi-camera Operation

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DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera can control one or more Canon DSLRs connected to a single PC or a group of PCs networked together.


The maximum number of cameras that can be controlled is determined by the license purchased for the software. This can be displayed by selecting "About DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera" from the Help menu. The default evaluation license will allow up to four cameras to be controlled during the evaluation period.


Please see the preferences section for information on how to synchronize multiple copies of DSLR Remote Pro via a network.


Triggering Cameras

Multiple cameras connected a single computer can be triggered via the USB connection to each camera but there will be a delay of approximately 1/10 second between each camera taking a photo. For larger arrays of cameras and more accurate synchronization (to within a few milliseconds) it is necessary to trigger the cameras via their remote release sockets. Please see this page on the Breeze Systems' website for more information.

Please see this section for information on triggering cameras using an Esper Design TriggerBox


Photo Booth Mode

Run a multi-camera rig like a photo booth with live view display and a countdown before taking the photos.


Camera rear LCD blanking workaround

Some Canon camera models (e.g. Canon EOS 100D/Rebel SL1) turn the rear LCD off after 30 minutes of inactivity which can be annoying if you want to leave it on all the time to provide a quick visual check of the camera status. DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera has a workaround which reads and writes the camera's ISO setting to reset the camera's inactivity timer. This can be enabled by exiting DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera and setting the following DWORD value in the Windows registry:



This setting specifies the interval in seconds between reading and writing the camera's ISO setting to prevent the camera from turning the rear LCD off. Affected camera models turn the rear LCD off after 30 minutes of inactivity and the suggested setting for this value is 1700 seconds. Set IsoKickPollingInterval to 0 to disable it.