Running Multi-Camera from other programs

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Multi-Camera includes an interface library called DSLRRemoteLib.dll which can be used by other applications to control Multi-Camera. Also included is a simple command line application called DSLRRemoteTest.exe which can be used to control Multi-Camera from a command prompt or a batch file. For example a batch file could be written to take a series of photos using different apertures and shutter speeds to bracket the exposure.


DSLRRemoteLib.dll is a library that can be used by other programs to control Multi-Camera. It can be found in the main folder where Multi-Camera is installed (usually C:\Program Files\Breezesys\Multi-Camera). Please see the DSLRRemoteTest\ReadMe.txt and DSLRRemoteLib.h files for details.

Files included:

DSLRRemoteTest.exe - compiled console application


DSLRRemoteLib.dll - DLL used by DSLRRemoteTest.exe to interface with Multi-Camera

DSLRRemoteLib.lib - lib for C++ apps to link to the DLL

DSLRRemoteLib.h - header file for C++ applications using the DLL


DSLRRemoteTest - directory containing a VC++ project and source code for DSLRRemoteTest.exe


DSLRRemoteTest.exe is a simple command line application that communicates with Multi-Camera and allows the shutter to be released and some of the camera settings to be changed. DSLRRemoteTest.exe and complete source code to build it using Visual C++ .Net can be found in the DSLRRemoteTest folder where Multi-Camera is installed (usually C:\Program Files\Breezesys\Multi-Camera).

To run DSLRRemoteTest.exe first run DSLR Remote Pro and then open a command prompt window and change directory to the Multi-Camera installation folder. The run DSLRRemoteTest.exe -h to get a list of the available commands.

Here is the output from a simple session where the output directory is set and the shutter is released (commands typed in by the user are shown in bold):

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]

(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.


C:\>cd C:\Program Files\Breezesys\Multi-Camera


C:\Program Files\Breezesys\Multi-Camera>DSLRRemoteTest.exe -h

Usage: DSLRRemoteTest [-w [<shots>] [-i <interval>]] [-a <aperture>] [-s <shutter>]

       -h              print this usage information

       -w <shots>      run camera as a webcam for <shots> shots

                       images are saved as webcam.jpg in the current directory

       -t <interval>   specify the number of seconds between shots when

                       used as a webcam

       -S <camera#>    select camera (multi-camera versions of DSLR Remote Pro only)

       -C <connect>    connect or disconnect from the camera

       -a <aperture>   set the aperture, 0 = widest aperture

       -b <WB>         set the white balance or kelvin color temp

       -e <mode>       set the exposure mode (1D series cameras only)

       -s <shutter>    set the shutter speed, 0 = longest shutter speed

       -x <comp>       set the exposure compensation

       -i <quality>    set the image size and quality

       -I <ISO>        set the ISO

       -c <comment>    set comment to be added to images (max 255 chars)

       -p <prefix>     set the filename prefix (max 255 chars)

       -o <directory>  set the output directory

       -q              query output directory

       -n              don't release shutter

C:\Program Files\Breezesys\Multi-Camera>DSLRRemoteTest.exe -n -o C:\Photos -q

Output directory: C:\Photos\2004-01-15\


C:\Program Files\Breezesys\Multi-Camera>DSLRRemoteTest.exe

Success, image saved as: C:\Photos\2004-01-15\IMG_0001.JPG


C:\Program Files\Breezesys\Multi-Camera>