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What's new in Downloader Pro v2?

New! Downloader Pro v2.2 adds place name lookup using GPS data

Downloader Pro v2.2 can automatically lookup place name data from using GPS location data allowing place names and countries to be automatically added to IPTC data as images are downloaded. The GPS data can be read from a GPS track log (see GPS Geo-Tagging below) or from GPS data stored in the images' shooting data for images shot with a camera with built-in GPS or connected to a GPS receiver.

GPS Geo-Tagging

Automatically store latitude and longitude positional information read from GPS track logs in the shooting data of JPEG and raw images as they are downloaded. With GPS devices like the Sony GPS-CS1 all you need to do is ensure your camera's clock is set correctly before shooting and then connect your Sony GPS-CS1 to your PC using a USB cable before downloading your images. Downloader Pro will automatically read the GPS track log and calculate the position by comparing the time the picture was shot with the times of the GPS fixes in the GPS track log and store this in the image as it is downloaded.

Thumbnail Display

When using a card reader for downloading images can be displayed as large or small thumbnails or in Downloader Pro v1's list format. The thumbnail display can be selected from the View menu or by typing Ctrl+T (small thumbnails) or Ctrl+X (large thumbnails).

The first line of the thumbnail caption shows the image number, filename and file size. The second line shows the date and time the photo was taken. The third line shows the download status and the bottom lin shows the download path (where the file will be downloaded to using the current settings).

Support for IPTC XMP data

Downloader Pro v2 supports the new IPTC XMP standard as used by BreezeBrowser Pro, Adobe Photoshop and other imaging applications. XMP data is added directly to JPEG, TIFF and DNG files and is stored in XMP "sidecar" files for other raw formats.

Date based job codes

Downloader Pro v2 now supports date based job codes. This makes it much easiers to download memory cards which span several days and subjects. The image date selector lists the dates of all the images on the memory card and can be displayed by typing Ctrl+Tab or by selcting it from the View menu. One or more dates can be selected from the list (hold the Control key down and click on dates to add them to the selection). When a date is selected the the images taken on that date are highlighted to make it easier to identify the pictures and subject. Right click on the date to display a menu of options for selecting dates and editing the job code.

Downloader Pro saves the job codes from the last 60 days so that they may be used next time Downloader Pro is run.

New token style

Tokens are now enclosed in curly brackets (aka braces) e.g. {a} replaces %a.

When Downloader Pro v2 is run for the first time it will check for a previous release and automaticallyl convert all the tokens to the new format. Downloader Pro saves its settings separately from previous releases and so you can safely run old and new versions.

New sequence numbering

Now supports the continuous numbering of images using the tokens {seq#}, {seq#2}, {seq#3}, {seq#4}, {seq#5} and {seq#6}. These tokens allocate sequence numbers to images in timestamp order and will continue to number from the last image downloaded the the next time Downloader Pro is run. The starting number can be reset to zero or any required starting number in Downloader Pro's preferences.

Improved backup plug-in

The backup plug-in has been extended to allow two backups to be made of each image as it is downloaded greatly reducing the time needed to make backups of images on separate disks.

Support for more image formats

Downloader Pro v2 adds support for downloading DNG and Hasselblad raw file formats.

Upgrading to Downloader Pro v2

Downloader Pro v2.0 is a free upgrade for any registered user who bought a copy of Downloader Pro after 28 March 2006. You can check for the latest version of Downloader Pro and whether you need to purchase an upgrade by selecting "Check for updates" from Downloader Pro's Help menu. Upgrades can be purchased from here.