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Standard Templates

These galleries use the standard templates that are shipped with BreezeBrowser Pro

  • drop shadow - Stylish layout where each photo appears raised off the screen with a shadow underneath
  • watermarks - Examples of some of the different styles of watermarking available with BreezeBrowser Pro's HTML generator
  • order - Example of how to generate a simple online ordering page using Javascript
  • paypal - Easy to use online ordering page which links to PayPal's shopping cart system to accept payments online
  • frames - Thumbnails displayed in a scrollable strip along the top with the main image displayed below
  • slideshow - Similar to the 'black' template with the addition of a slideshow using Javascript
  • proofs - A proof sheet with the name of each photo displayed under the thumbnail and full EXIF information with the main view
  • simple - A simple uncluttered layout with nothing fancy
  • black - Another simple layout showing how EXIF data can be automatically displayed in your web pages
  • multi-view - Example of how up to three different views can be created at the same time. This is useful for having pages in more than one language or for supporting browsers with and without Javascript
  • thumbnails - Next and previous thumbnails displayed above the main image
  • multi index - Thumbnails split between multiple index pages
  • icons - Example of how to use images for navigation buttons
  • picture frame - Each image is surrounded by a picture frame with a drop shadow. Similar to the drop shadow template but does not require the use of Javascript
  • simple + settings window - Example of using two fullsize template files to show a popup window with shooting data and thumbnail image without using Javascript