Getting Started

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The simplest way to create events is to modify or copy an existing event and use Dropbox to transfer it to the iPad.


1) Set up for updating events via Dropbox


First sign in to your Dropbox account from Breeze Booth by tapping on "Sign into Dropbox" in the app settings screen:



This will open the Dropbox app and ask whether to allow Breeze Booth access to the Apps/Breeze Booth folder:




Tap "Allow" to allow Breeze Booth access to the Dropbox folder.

Please note: The official Dropbox app needs to be installed on the iPad. This can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.


After signing into Dropbox from Breeze Booth you can sign out of Dropbox from the official Dropbox app to prevent unauthorised users from accessing your Dropbox account.




Copy the sample events to your Dropbox folder by copying the "This PC > Documents > Breeze Booth > events" folder to the "Dropbox > Apps > Breeze Booth" folder. The "Dropbox > Apps > Breeze Booth" folder should look something like this:




Copy the sample events to the iPad tapping on "Events" to open the events screen and then tapping on "Update all events" in the bottom right hand corner. It may take a few minutes to sync all the files the first time you do this.


Please see the section on Updating Events for more information on updating events.


2) Copy an existing event


Load the sample events into the Event Editor by selecting  "Open..." from the File menu and then opening the events.xml file in the "Dropbox > Apps > Breeze Booth > events" folder:

open event


The Event Editor will display a list of events:


events list


Right click on "Demo 1 Props % Filters" and select "Clone event...":




Enter the name of the cloned event, the optional description and the folder where the files should be saved:




The selected event is cloned by copying all the files into the new folder and the list of events is updated:




Note that the "Save" button is now enabled. This indicates that the events.xml file, which contains a list of events, has been modified and needs saving to disk. Click on the "Save" button to save the events.xml file.


Events can also be copied by dragging and dropping the folder containing the event (or the event_info.xml for the event) into the event editor window.


Double click on an event in the list to edit it.